Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox


Are you still stuck in the old and boring way of streaming? Install the free Netflix Party extension and choose the new-age method of chilling with your distant friends. Therefore, enjoy thousands of Netflix shows and movies in sync with your friends anywhere in the world. You can host or join a seamless watch party in sync, which stays intact even while skipping and pausing. Moreover, you can experience the ultimate HD streaming with the fast buffering speed with this tool. Hence, wait no more and download the extension now. Furthermore, here’s how you can host or join a watch party with anyone worldwide for free.

How to use the Netflix Party Extension

You must have experienced watching Netflix with people in the same room and on the same screen. However, you never would have imagined that you could stream together with them despite the distance between you? Therefore, now you can create a watch party in a few simple steps with them, no matter the distance between you-

The first step is to download the Netflix party extension Click here to install the free, user-friendly extension. Moreover, please make sure that you have either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to install it. Furthermore, the extension is compatible with Chromebooks, macOS, Laptops, Windows, and Computers.

Next, you need to pin the extension to the toolbar. However, if you don’t see the Netflix party extension icon, click on the puzzle icon on the right corner at the top of the browser. You will find the extension icon there, so you can pin it.

Now, open Netflix and login into your account. Please remember that you need your individual subscription on Netflix for creating a watch party. Moreover, all the watch party members need their separate Netflix subscriptions to join.

Further, search for your favorite Netflix show or a movie. Or you can search for any other video that you want to enjoy with your friends and play it.

For the final step, click on the pinned extension icon. A small pop-up named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will open with a button called “START A PARTY.” Click on that button to get an invitation link to the watch party that you could share with your friends.

Now, you have successfully created a seamless Netflix Watch Party. Therefore, share the generated invitation URL with all the friends you want at the watch party.


It’s very simple and effortless to join the Netflix Party. However, you must follow the same starting procedure as creating a watch party. Therefore, you need to install and pin this chrome extension and, after that, log in to your Netflix account. Moreover, please note that you must have your individual Netflix subscription to join the watch party. After all this, you just need to click on the invitation URL received by your friend. And Voila, you have reached the best watch party ever even despite the miles.

Did you know that there’s no limit to how many people could join your watch party? With this Netflix Party extension, you can enter as many people as you’d like into your watch party. Therefore, no matter how many people want to be a part of your watch party, you could get them in just by sharing the invitation URL with them.

You can get complete control of the watch party settings. Moreover, you can enable full control in your hand by turning the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button green and acquiring control of the watch party. Therefore, you have the authority over Play, Pause, Forward, and Rewind settings. In addition to this, note that the system settings still remain with the watch party members. Therefore, all the watch party members can still modify their audio, language, and subtitle settings.

You can jollify your watch party to the next level by chatting via the group chat feature of the watch party. However, the live chat will appear in the sidebar of the watch party. You can send reactions to particular scenes while streaming together. Therefore, there’s nothing better than this to feel more connected to your loved ones. Chat while streaming at your watch party.

You get the option of customizing your user profile and giving it a personal touch. Therefore, you can choose a fun nickname for your profile. Moreover, you can also select a user icon from the inbuilt avatars. However, your nickname and user icon will appear in your watch party and group chat.

It does not matter where you or your loved ones are. You can stream Netflix in sync with them. The extension creates smooth watch parties with perfect sync. Therefore, even while skipping or pausing, sync remains intact. Hence you all get to watch together in real-time.

Are you also a binge-watcher and a Netflix lover? Then you would love a Netflix Party with the fantastic video quality. Therefore, that’s precisely what we are offering you. You can now experience HD quality video with the fast buffering speed in all your videos. Hence, don’t wait anymore and start installing this free tool now so you can stream in style.

The best part is that extension is absolutely free, and you don’t have to invest in anything to enjoy a Netflix watch party with your friends. Apart from that, this extension is available worldwide. Therefore, you can enjoy streaming with your loved ones from any corner of the world. However, please make sure Netflix is available in all the countries where you’re trying to host the watch party. Although all watch party members must be in the same country, people can still use the VPN service and change their country if they belong to another one.